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3 Tips for Your First Few Nights with Your French Bulldog Puppy

by Kirk Hernandez

French bulldogs are not only adorable, but are also known for their affectionate, friendly and companionable demeanor. Now that you have picked out the perfect French bulldog puppy for your family, you are probably excited but may also be a little nervous about bringing them home. Here are three tips to make those first few nights at home as easy and stress-free for you and your puppy as possible:

Prepare Their Crate

Your French bulldog puppy will probably cry and whine at night the first few nights they are home. This is understandable since they are away from their litter mates for the first time. Be prepared for this and know that it is temporary. Have their crate ready with a soft blanket and place it near your bed or in a nearby room the first few nights. 

Ask your breeder for a soft toy or blanket that smells like their siblings, and be sure to place this in their crate with them at night to soothe them. A white noise machine or classical music may also help them feel more calm and get a better first night's sleep.

Plan to Spend a Lot of Time Together

Your puppy was bonded to its siblings, mom, and breeder, but now you want him to be bonded with you. For this reason it's very important to spend as much time together as possible when you first bring home your new French bulldog puppy. If you normally work long hours, try to arrange your puppy pickup for a long weekend or time when you can take a few days off of work. The goal is to spend lots of time getting to know each other so that your new puppy associates you with snuggles, food, toys, and other happy and fun associations.

Begin Potty Training Right Away

If your puppy is allowed to go in the house, it will be much harder to break them of this habit later than if you teach them to do their business outside from the very beginning. Bring them outside frequently, tell them "potty" and when they do so reinforce this behavior with tons of praise and affection.

Put their water away an hour or so before going to bed for the night, take them out one time before going to sleep and also plan on 1-3 times during the night. When you let them out of the crate be sure to carry them directly to the yard to do their business before they have a chance to go in the house. French bulldog puppies are fast learners and will soon understand that "potty" equals outside.

By following these tips, you and your sweet French bulldog puppy will have a less stressful first few nights together, and will soon become best friends. Learn more by contacting companies like Redwood Legend.