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Four Essential Items For Hunting With A Bird Dog For The First Time

by Kirk Hernandez

You may have done a lot of hunting in the past, but if you are planning on hunting with a bird dog for the first time, there are certain essential items that you will need to acquire before your trip. The following are among the most important.

A dog crate

A portable dog cage is important for many reasons, but the safety of your dog is at the top of the list. You may not think this is a problem. You may let your dog loose in your truck or SUV when driving around town, but a longer hunting trip is different. Bird dogs can become anxious on long trips and can cause damage to your hunting equipment and supplies as well as themselves. As long as you get a crate that is compatible with your dog's size, your dog will likely travel well.

A first aid kit for your dog

Naturally, you should have a first aid kit for yourself and others, but now that you have a bird dog, you need to realize that the animal will have certain needs that are different from a person's needs. Although there is a certain amount of overlap, dogs are likely to get injuries that are different when they are hunting with you and may need materials that are not in your first aid kit. You can put a kit together yourself, but there are canine first aid kits available at hunting supply stores that contain everything you need.

Containers for food and water

Obviously, you will need to bring enough food and water for your dog, but what a rookie bird dog hunter may forget is that the animal will need portable dishes and bottles for food and water. You should have containers that can be used at your base camp, but you will also need smaller bottles and food containers when away from camp.

Collars and leashes

You will need a tie-out stake and a chain for your dog when you are at base camp, so your dog doesn't wander off. Depending upon where you are and how well your dog is trained, you may need at least one long leash during the hunt. Also, your dog should have a waterproof, beeping dog collar in a bright color, so you can locate your dog during the hunt. In addition, a visibility vest is a good idea.

Although the items above are essential, the list is not exhaustive. You should take the time to plan your first hunting trip with your dog, so your first trip will be successful as well as safe and comfortable for both you and your dog. When you're stocking up, look for a hunting supplies online store to order everything you need in one place.