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Shy Dog? 4 Ways You Can Prepare Them For A Great Boarding Experience

by Kirk Hernandez

Your shy dog can make it difficult to feel like you can leave them and go on vacation. But if boarding is necessary, there are several ways that you can make the time less stressful both for you and for your four-legged friend.

Here are 4 preparation tips to create the best experience for everyone.

Meet the Staff

Shy dogs do better with people and pets they already know, so spend some time with your dog at the boarding home or facility. Get to know those who will be taking care of your pet and let them know of your concerns and your dog's personality. If you can, try to socialize your pet with some of the regular doggy visitors more than once so they will feel comfortable. 

Gather Comfort Items

Since you can't be there for your dog, bring a little bit of home and family to the boarding facility. This could include a few of their favorite toys and their bed or blankets. Make sure that you provide plenty of their normal food for the care team to use, and include something that smells like you and your family, such as a shirt or blanket. If your dog has a regular daily schedule, ask that the staff keep to that schedule whenever possible. 

Plan Exercise

Activities will help encourage your pup not only to enjoy themselves but also distract them from their anxieties. While it may be easy to assume that the boarding staff should just leave your furry friend to themselves while you're away, getting them involved in activities can help prevent a lot of separation anxiety. 

But don't force a potentially difficult situation on your dog, either. If they aren't very friendly with other dogs, ask if the care staff can take them for long walks by themselves. If your meet-and-greet visits reveal certain types of dogs or personalities that your dog enjoys more, ask carers to stick with these pets when socializing. 

Relax Yourself

Animals pick up on subtle stress markers from the humans they love, so if you're feeling unnecessarily nervous about leaving your doggy, they may feel the same. Prepare for your dog's stay by packing their bag and organizing the list of instructions as well as visiting the facility, and then learn to let go and believe that things will go well.

Remember that if you make a big deal of the separation, your dog will too. But if you focus on the fun they will have while you're gone, it will help that feeling to rub off. 

Preparing for a good stay at a dog boarding facility will help you have confidence that your furry baby and you can both have a great time on vacation. 

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