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Boarding Your Puppy For Their First Overnight Stay? 3 Features To Prioritize

by Kirk Hernandez

As the new owner of a puppy, it's important that you take the steps to make sure that your puppy will be as comfortable as possible when you need to be separated for a short period. When you have a puppy that needs to stay at a boarding kennel for the first time, there are a number of things that you can make sure of to ensure that your puppy will be comfortable and that there won't be any more stress involved with their stay than necessary.

Keep the following tips in mind when visiting dog boarding services facilities so that you can feel good about the kind of care your puppy gets while you're away.

Look for Playtime with Similar Sized Dogs

Many boarding kennels offer playtime with other dogs, but it's important that you take care to choose a kennel that offers playtime with dogs that are a similar size and temperament to your puppy. Having your puppy play with large sized dogs can be a bad idea since your puppy may not get along with them or they can get injured due to how rough the larger dogs can be.

By relying on a boarding kennel that has different playtime sessions for dogs of different sizes, you can be confident that your puppy will be much more comfortable when staying at the boarding kennel and getting play time.

Make Sure You Can Bring Items from Home

Keeping your puppy comfortable has a lot to do with bringing items from home that your puppy is used to. These items can range from the kind of food they eat to a favorite blanket or toys that can be brought to the kennel to help your puppy be as comfortable as possible.

Since some boarding kennels have strict rules over what to bring, you'll want to make sure to ask about what you can expect for your puppy to and the kinds of things allowed. This way, you can make sure that your puppy is able to feel secure once they've been dropped off at a kennel for an overnight stay.

Get Familiar with the Discounts Available

Another thing to look into when you have a young puppy is whether there any discounts for first-time stays. Since keeping your puppy at a boarding kennel may be more money than you expected, the frequent presence of attendance and specialized care can ensure that your puppy will be much more comfortable than a sitter that stops by during the day. If you're keeping your puppy at the kennel for multiple days, you may also want to look into whether there are discounts for long-term stays.

Being patient as you check out different boarding kennels is so important since your needs can be quite different depending on the age of your dog.