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3 Interesting Facts About The Ausiedoodle

by Kirk Hernandez

If you are considering bringing a dog into your home and family's lives, you may be overwhelmed by your choices. From a classic lab or poodle to a bulldog or a designer breed of sorts, the possibilities are endless. Fortunately, certain breeds offer the best of a few worlds, ensuring your new dog becomes a loved family member. With this guide, you will learn a few interesting facts about the Ausiedoodle breed, helping you determine if this dog is right for you and your family.

Best of Both Worlds

One of the main benefits of the Ausiedoodle is that the breed combines some of the best features of some of the best dog breeds.

The Ausiedoodle is a cross between a poodle and an Australian shepherd. Both poodles and Australian shepherds are incredibly loyal and smart. However, the poodle's coat is known to be hypoallergenic, making it the ideal option for homes with family members who suffer from allergies.

With these two breeds, you are gaining the best of both worlds – intelligence and a hypoallergenic coat.

Size Can Vary

Another interesting fact about the Ausiedoodle is that the size of your dog can vary. They can weigh between 25 and 70 pounds, which is a big size range, but the exact size and height will depend on the type of poodle and Australian shepherd used as parents.

For example, your Ausiedoodle may be on the smaller side if a toy poodle was used to breed. Or, your puppy may be larger if a standard poodle was the parent of your Ausiedoodle.

Exercise Matters

When most people bring home an Ausiedoodle, they want to spend the majority of their time cuddling with this soft dog. Unfortunately, without exercise, your Ausiedoodle puppy will experience some issues.

Your dog will need daily exercise to ensure they do not gain an excessive amount of weight, which can lead to joint stress, hip dysplasia, and a variety of other medical conditions.

Exercising your Ausiedoodle is also important for their emotional health and behavior. Without daily exercise, your dog will have excessive amounts of energy, which may cause them to jump, run, dig, and chew on things inside your home. Walking, running, and playing outside each day will reduce the risk of them using up energy in unpleasant ways inside your home.

The Ausiedoodle can be a great addition to your home and family's lifestyle, but proper understanding is smart. This guide will help you get started understanding a few key facts about this unique breed.

If you're looking to get started on including this fun breed into your family's lives, look at what Aussiedoodle puppies are for sale near you.