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A Few Tips for Veterinary Interns About What to Expect

by Kirk Hernandez

Becoming a vet is no simple task, with many long hours required studying and going over your textbooks. However, that is just the beginning and when it comes time to start looking for veterinary internships, you will be met with a whole new kind of challenge. Practically applying the knowledge you have learned over your years at school can be a daunting prospect, but one you should embrace head-on. Here are a few tips you should know before you get started so that you aren't surprised when they happen and can react quickly and professionally.

Your Hours Will Be Flexible

While you may get a set amount of hours to complete on your rotation, and you may even have a strict timetable written out, this is bound to change. If an emergency happens, or someone else can't make it, then you will have to stay. Alternatively, you may be called in earlier if there is a shortage. Be patient and expect delays or unexpected call-ups. This is what working as a vet will look like once you finish all of your studies, so getting some real-world experience in early is a good test to see how you handle it.

You Will Have A Lot Of Freedom As It Goes Along

You might consider yourself just a rookie, but in the eyes of those who work with you, you will be more than capable to handle a higher workload than you expect. You may even treat patients on your own, and it is likely that you will be asked to come up with plans on how to combat certain illnesses and diseases that you come across in the pets. This is a stark contrast to working with just books, so be prepared and remember what you have learned. It is nerve-wracking, but also undeniably exciting.

Keep Your Ego In Check

Whatever jobs you are asked to do as an intern, you should do. Whether that means cleaning out cat poop or getting a coffee for the vet supervising you, you are there to be told what to do, so you need to remember your place in the pecking order. Working as a vet is not just about treating animals, it is about managing a team and working in that collaborative environment. That is one of the major things your supervisors will be looking for - how you adapt to a group setting. 

As you look for veterinary internships, remember what it will entail. Go into it with realistic expectations and get the most out of your experience.