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Why Regular Physical Exams For Pets Are Important

by Kirk Hernandez

If you have pets, then it's necessary that they have physical exams done. These exams are often done once a year, but can be done more frequently for younger pets needing vaccines.

Here are reasons why regular physical exams for pets are important, even if your pets are healthy. Your pets' veterinarian will tell you how often you need to bring your pets in for care.

You catch illnesses when they are minor

A physical exam will help a clinic find potential illnesses and problems when they are minor. This can lead to more effective treatments as well as help make the cost of care less expensive. For example, if your pet were to have an abscessed tooth or a small tumor, these issues can be caught early with annual physical exams. This may lead to less chance of these ailments spreading and causing more dangerous or costly damage.

You catch changes in the body sooner

As your pet ages, so does their body. They can start to move slower, gain or lose weight, or may start to exhibit strange behaviors when it comes to grooming or going to the bathroom. If your pet is given regular physical exams, you can catch these body changes sooner and make adjustments to their daily food and exercise routines, thus making the transition into older age easier for them.

You help your pets live longer

Your pets have the best chance of a long and healthy life if they have physical exams done often. These exams help to determine if any dietary changes need to be made and help your pet live a healthy, pain-free life. Many pets succumb to illnesses that could have otherwise been prevented with vaccinations and regular veterinary care, so if you want to have your pets live longer, start a routine where annual pet exams are included.

You learn new ways to care for your pet

Technologies and medical advancements in the veterinary world mean that what may not have been available to your pet in the past might be available to them now. To give your pets the best care, have them regularly treated by your local veterinarian. Doing so ensures your pet has the best access to medications, dietary aides, medical treatments for common ailments, and more.

If you have a pet emergency, call a veterinarian for care right away. The sooner your pet is taken care of, the better outcome you can have for their situation. Contact a facility that offers physical exams for pets for more information.