Tips for Caring for Your Pets during the Summer Months

All About Dog Grooming

by Kirk Hernandez

Some dogs require more grooming than others. However, it's important to make sure your dog is groomed according to its needs. If you have a short hair dog, then they can be given a bath, have their nails clipped, and get brushed. If you have a dog with a longer coat, then they may also need to be clipped and shaved. As an example, a Doberman's coat would require a bath and brush, whereas a poodle would also need to be trimmed or shaved due to the length of their coat, as well as the breed standard. You can learn more about pet grooming here: 

1. Your dog will smell nice

If your dog isn't kept clean, then it will develop a dirty smell. When it lies on the carpet, the couch, or even your bed, that odor will be transferred onto those surfaces. This can cause the house to start smelling like your dog. When you take them into the pet groomers regularly, they will smell nice, and your home will smell better as a result. 

2. Your dog won't get the furniture dirty

If your dog isn't regularly groomed, then it can also get the furniture and even the flooring dirty. If your dog goes a long time without being bathed, then their oils and dirt can cause stubborn staining to carpet and fabrics. Regular grooming prevents these problems because they will be nice and clean. 

3. Your dog will be more comfortable

If you have a dog that has a long coat, then it can easily become matted. When the coat is matted, you won't be able to brush the stubborn knots out. Large knots and knots in certain places can become irritating or even painful for your dog. When they go to the pet groomers, they will be shaved down to get rid of those mats. However, if you take your dog in regularly, then you can avoid dealing with matting altogether. Your dog will be much more comfortable with a healthy coat that's mat-free.

4. Your dog will look much better

The pet groomer can give your dog the style of cut that is appropriate for its breed. This is something many owners like because they appreciate the look of their dog's breed. Some people need to have their dog groomed to the breed standard because they show their dog and there are strict guidelines.