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Rottweilers Can Be Great Family Dogs

by Kirk Hernandez

If you want to get a dog for your family that can be great for so many different reasons, then you might want to bring home a German rottweiler. The information here is going to provide you with plenty of knowledge on the breed, so you can make a more educated decision. Here are some things you should know about the rottweiler: 

Rottweilers are large dogs 

If your family wants to bring home a puppy that's going to grow into a large dog, then the German rottweiler can be a great choice. This breed has a great-looking build to it. They are tall, as well as stocky, with a wide and rectangular shape. Also, the rottweiler is a very muscular look. They also have large heads with nice shapes to them that tend to have a more boxy shape than many other breeds. 

Rottweilers have a great look to them

Another thing that's appreciated by many about this breed is the coat they have. They can have different lengths of coats. They also have a black coat with mahogany, tan, or rust-colored markings. There are also red and blue rottweilers, although these two types aren't as commonly seen as the ones with a black coat. The markings are located on their muzzle, cheeks, above their eyes, on their chest, legs, and beneath their tail. These dogs have clear and somewhat large eyes that are often considered to be beautiful due to both their shape and color of gold they often are. 

Although many rottweilers have no tails, they aren't born this way. This is due to a process called "docking" in which the tail is removed. This can have safety benefits when the dog is a working dog and is a preferred look if showing the dog. However, it is mostly done today for cosmetic reasons and more people are frowning upon the practice. Therefore, you may find puppies available that still have their tail. 

Rottweilers have wonderful personalities

A rottweiler can be a wonderful family dog because they tend to do well with children and animals they are well socialized around. However, they can also be on the protective side, so you know they will help keep your family safer. The rottweiler's energy level is enough for them to play with the kids, go hiking with the family, and enjoy plenty of outdoor activities with ease. However, they are also well suited to relaxing in the house and being happy lying at your feet, or even attempting to lie on your lap.

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