Tips for Caring for Your Pets during the Summer Months

  • A Few Tips for Veterinary Interns About What to Expect

    30 November 2020

    Becoming a vet is no simple task, with many long hours required studying and going over your textbooks. However, that is just the beginning and when it comes time to start looking for veterinary internships, you will be met with a whole new kind of challenge. Practically applying the knowledge you have learned over your years at school can be a daunting prospect, but one you should embrace head-on. Here are a few tips you should know before you get started so that you aren't surprised when they happen and can react quickly and professionally.

  • An Argument For Buying Dogs

    24 August 2020

    If you've been considering getting a puppy, you have likely heard the phrase 'adopt, don't shop' more than once. And that is a very well intended phrase. There are a lot of dogs in shelters who could do very well in homes and will make wonderful friends when they find their forever homes. However, the phrase itself flattens the discussion into something that lacks nuance. Sometimes, when you are looking for a dog, you are looking for breed specific characteristics and need to go a breeder to find the dog you need.