Tips for Caring for Your Pets during the Summer Months

  • Tips To Help You Get Ready To Welcome A Kitten Into Your Home

    12 May 2021

    Cats make excellent pets, and many families opt to add a kitten to their family. Kittens are incredibly cute and playful, but before getting a new kitten, it is important to be prepared. Owning a kitten comes with responsibility, and before getting a kitten, you will need to be committed to caring for a cat for many years to come. Thus, it is not a good idea to make a hasty decision — be sure that you are ready for a kitten before you bring one home.

  • A Few Tips for Veterinary Interns About What to Expect

    30 November 2020

    Becoming a vet is no simple task, with many long hours required studying and going over your textbooks. However, that is just the beginning and when it comes time to start looking for veterinary internships, you will be met with a whole new kind of challenge. Practically applying the knowledge you have learned over your years at school can be a daunting prospect, but one you should embrace head-on. Here are a few tips you should know before you get started so that you aren't surprised when they happen and can react quickly and professionally.

  • An Argument For Buying Dogs

    24 August 2020

    If you've been considering getting a puppy, you have likely heard the phrase 'adopt, don't shop' more than once. And that is a very well intended phrase. There are a lot of dogs in shelters who could do very well in homes and will make wonderful friends when they find their forever homes. However, the phrase itself flattens the discussion into something that lacks nuance. Sometimes, when you are looking for a dog, you are looking for breed specific characteristics and need to go a breeder to find the dog you need.

  • 3 Interesting Facts About The Ausiedoodle

    22 April 2019

    If you are considering bringing a dog into your home and family's lives, you may be overwhelmed by your choices. From a classic lab or poodle to a bulldog or a designer breed of sorts, the possibilities are endless. Fortunately, certain breeds offer the best of a few worlds, ensuring your new dog becomes a loved family member. With this guide, you will learn a few interesting facts about the Ausiedoodle breed, helping you determine if this dog is right for you and your family.

  • Old Dog Slowing Down? 5 Important Ways To Make Him Feel Younger, Stronger, And Healthier

    1 October 2018

    Your dog has been your faithful companion for years, so when he starts to show the signs of aging, you want to be as loyal and loving right back to him. Know what's going on with his mind and body and do everything you can to make these golden years the best part of his life. 1. Keep Your Elderly Dog Excited About Life Just because your pooch is old doesn't mean he should be left to sleep in a corner all day.

  • Boarding Your Puppy For Their First Overnight Stay? 3 Features To Prioritize

    27 June 2018

    As the new owner of a puppy, it's important that you take the steps to make sure that your puppy will be as comfortable as possible when you need to be separated for a short period. When you have a puppy that needs to stay at a boarding kennel for the first time, there are a number of things that you can make sure of to ensure that your puppy will be comfortable and that there won't be any more stress involved with their stay than necessary.

  • Shy Dog? 4 Ways You Can Prepare Them For A Great Boarding Experience

    4 March 2018

    Your shy dog can make it difficult to feel like you can leave them and go on vacation. But if boarding is necessary, there are several ways that you can make the time less stressful both for you and for your four-legged friend. Here are 4 preparation tips to create the best experience for everyone. Meet the Staff Shy dogs do better with people and pets they already know, so spend some time with your dog at the boarding home or facility.

  • Four Essential Items For Hunting With A Bird Dog For The First Time

    20 May 2017

    You may have done a lot of hunting in the past, but if you are planning on hunting with a bird dog for the first time, there are certain essential items that you will need to acquire before your trip. The following are among the most important. A dog crate A portable dog cage is important for many reasons, but the safety of your dog is at the top of the list.

  • 3 Tips for Your First Few Nights with Your French Bulldog Puppy

    24 February 2017

    French bulldogs are not only adorable, but are also known for their affectionate, friendly and companionable demeanor. Now that you have picked out the perfect French bulldog puppy for your family, you are probably excited but may also be a little nervous about bringing them home. Here are three tips to make those first few nights at home as easy and stress-free for you and your puppy as possible: Prepare Their Crate

  • Boarding a Diabetic Cat? 3 Tips to Make Sure They Receive the Best Quality of Care

    29 July 2016

    Leaving your cat behind when you go on vacation can be nerve-wracking, especially if they suffer from a medical problem such as diabetes. While you may already be accustomed to all the care that a diabetic cat needs to thrive, you may be worried about leaving your cat with someone that isn't familiar with what's involved in caring for cats suffering from diabetes. Instead of simply hoping for the best with a detailed care sheet, look into how you can make the most of boarding your cat at a local boarding kennel.